Kyoto Cherry Sencha (ORGANIC) - 15 sachets

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Use 1 sachet per 7-9 oz water @180'F. Steep 3 minutes. Re-infuse up to 3 times.
Food Pairing:
Hake poached in fish broth with carrots, Wheat bread without butter, Lychee sherbet, Baby arugula, Endive and Blood orange salad.

This is a most delectable tea that will surprise and enchant you with its refreshing and invigorating flavor. This tea is very smooth with excellent depth and body and pale yellow green liquor. The cherry flavoring and subtle rose hints give the tea a wildly exotic character. Once you have experienced this tea, you will always want to have it on hand. The cherry-rose aroma is simply intoxicating. 

ORIGIN NOTES: Manufactured in: Canada Ingredients from: China Region(s): Hunan Seasonality: Seasonal quality (Mar.-Apr. growth) Grade Composition: Japan Sencha Style Growing Altitude(s): 1500-4500 feet above sea level Manufacture Type(s): Pan Fired PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Luxury Ingredients: Green tea, Rose petals, Natural flavors Servings suggestions: Sugar: Not recommended Milk: Not recommended Lemon: Not recommended Fresh Mint Sprig: Not recommended