Sunrise in Paris Blend - 2 oz (56 g, approx. 19 cups)

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Use 1 heaping tsp per 7-9 oz freshly boiled water. Steep 3-7 minutes. Can be re-infused 2-3 times.
Food Pairing:
A wonderful breakfast tea. Try it with a warm buttery croissant, delicious muffin, or any other pastry.

Ooh-la-la! This blend has flavor notes from ‘crème de la vanille’, Earl Grey, Jasmine, and Lavender deliciously blended with flavorful Ceylons, pungent Assams, and malty Kenyas.

The Assam component gives the tea richness – like brocade at Versailles, whereas the Nilgiri and Ceylon give the tea a saucy but agile flavor. From Kenya there is romance and mystery with superb golden color notes and from China there is the delicate perfume of Jasmine – so often used in Parisian perfumes. To bolster the ‘French’ character, lavender from Provence was added along with some rose petals – a tea fit for the Latin Quarter along the Seine. 

Country of Origin: India, Sri Lanka, Kenya Region: Assam, Dimbula, Kiambu Grade: FP (Flowery Pekoe) Altitude: 1500’ft - 5800’ft above sea level Manufacture Type: Orthodox, CTC, Green Tea Ingredients: Luxury black tea, Luxury green tea, Rose petals, Lavender + Jasmine + Cornflower petals, Natural flavors.