Tulsi Ayurvedic Tonic - 2 oz (56 g, approx. 19 cups)

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1 tsp per 8 oz of boiling water. Steep 5 minutes. Add sugar to taste. Enjoy!
Food Pairing:
This tisane is best enjoyed on its own

The main ingredient in our blend, Tulsi, or “Holy Basil”, has been hailed as the “Queen of Herbs” in Ayurvedic tradition and is the most sacred herb of India. Due to its significant benefits, it is now very well-known even beyond India’s borders and all throughout the Western world. The plant is known for its adoptogenic properties and for having normalizing effects on the body. This typically refers to an ability to assist the body in adapting to stress. Be that as it may, we love this blend for its delicious properties and for its ability to please and delight our taste buds. Enjoy a cup any time of the day and let “the incomparable plant” (another name for Tulsi), apple pieces, orange peel, green rooibos, and warming spices play a symphony of joy and calm for you!

Ingredients: Tulsi herb, apple pieces, orange pieces, green rooibos, ginger pieces, natural flavor, rose pepper, cardamon, cinnamon