Vanilla Pu-erh (ORGANIC) - 2 oz (56 g, approx. 19 cups)

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Use 1 heaping tsp per 8 oz cup of boiling water. Steep for 5 min. (1st infusion), 6 min. (2nd infusion).
Food Pairing:
Enjoy this tea between meals

Shrouded in mystery, pu’erh tea has an ancient past calling Yunnan Province in China its birthplace. Pu’erh tea is treasured as a healthful, energizing tonic. It’s deep, smooth flavor is created through an artisanal pile fermentation process that transforms sun-dried tea into ripened, full-bodied rich pu’erh. The cooling, alluring sweet character of vanilla bean perfectly complements Pu’erh tea’s cocoa-like sweetness and earthiness. Aromatic Vietnamese cinnamon and just a sight hint of cooling peppermint round out this unique pu’erh blend to pure perfection.

Ingredients: Organic and Fair-Trade Certified pu-erh tea, organic peppermint, organic cinnamon, organic vanilla bean, organic licorice root.